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Sukkur IBA Testing Service (STS) – How to Apply Online and Other Details


In this article, we are going to discuss STS testing services, so if you want to know about STS in details, how to apply for it, how many opportunities they provide, then read this article till end.

STS testing service

sts testing services

SIBA Testing Service is a service provided by Sukkur Iba University. STS is a testing company that provides specialized services. The Sukkur IBA University established and set this SIBA testing service body up. It is among the registered and free Sukkur IBA Testing Services. Pakistan’s Securities and Exchange approved its Commission (SEC) on 23rd of July 2015 under the 1984’s companies’ ordinance.

This organization organizes admissions tests and recruitment tests for various posts. They administered enrollment tests for students applying to a variety of degree programmes. These recruitment exams have been taken for various job hiring positions in various companies.

Sukkur IBA Testing Service administers tests in a transparent and accountable manner to select the most qualified candidate for each position. They only accepted online candidate applications for STS jobs through the STS portal. There is no other method of applying for STS jobs available.

Currently, STS is managing a project involving the education department, the health department, the fire department, the police department, and the admission entry test.We have provided the complete process and instructions for STS apply online, so that the applicants can submit their applications as quickly as possible.

SIBA Testing Service Functions

The above Sukkur ISA Testing Services, without a doubt, are one of the most well-known and self-sustaining testing services organizations in the country. Also, it is one of the most promising testing services organizations in the country.

iba sukkur university

STS administers tests and other types of evaluations for admissions and job recruitment for ST S jobs , among other things. This Sukkur ISA University has not only earned but also gained a reputation, repute, and credibility because of the degree programmes it offers.

It has aided and assisted many public sector bodies and private sector institutions in their efforts to recruit and hire the most qualified candidates. This organization is solely concerned with merit, as well as with quality and excellence.

Aiming for the path and road that is guided by the principles of merit, quality, and superiority in everything it does is its goal. This testing organization ensures the efficacy and dependability of the product. It provides assurances of accuracy, credibility, and transparency.

So, in the future, if you want to stay up to date on when SIBA will conduct and hold additional ST S jobs 2022 tests, this page will serve as a useful resource to keep you informed. We reiterate you can get all necessary information about the STS jobs 2022 test advertisement, challan form, and application form downloading phases.

STS Apply Online

sts apply online

A challan form must be submitted with the application fee to be considered for the SIBA’s announced robs/admissions, or the application fee must be paid online. After you have downloaded the challan form, you must deposit it in one of the designated banks.

Process Step-by-Step Process

  • Foremost, interested candidates should visit the official website, i.e. apply.sts.net.pk.
  • In the second case, candidates who have already registered need only enter their CNIC number inside the ID box and their password in the Password box, then click the login button.
  •  Third case, individuals who do not already have an account can register themselves by selecting the Create an Account option. Then, utilising your ID and password, log into the Apply Online portal.
  • After that, choose the application form and complete it completely, as well as downloading the challan form.
  • At the end of the process, deposit your challan in the bank and complete and submit your application electronically.

How to Register STS IBA Sukkur Online

To begin, applicants should visit their website to select the Registration online option

• Second, go to the bottom of the page and click on the Create an Account button to get started.

• Third, fill out the required fields with your name, CNIC, mobile number, and email address.

• After that, click on the send OTP code button, which is below.

• They would send An OTP code to your cellphone number via SMS message. To create a new account, type in the OTP Code in the recommended box and hit the create account tab.

• Following the click of the button, a new window will appear in which you will be required to create a password.

• Finally, enter your password and select the appropriate login option from the list below.

Wrapping Up

Evaluation tests, hiring tests, and entrance tests are all conducted by STS. We know that this organisation administers a huge number of hiring tests. Many corporations are its most significant and important customers. If you will work for that company and want to be considered for a position with them, you must first pass that job interview process.


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