Friday, June 14, 2024

Supreme Court Bans Cell Phones in Court Rooms after Imran Khan’s Photo Leak

The Supreme Court has banned cell phones in courtrooms following the leak of a photo of PTI founder Imran Khan during a video link hearing. This new rule means that staff and lawyers are now prohibited from bringing their phones inside courtrooms, while journalists were already not allowed to carry phones.

The decision was made after a photo of Imran Khan, taken during a court appearance, was shared publicly, causing concern about privacy and security. This incident has led the Supreme Court to launch an investigation to identify the person responsible for taking and leaking the picture.

The police have been tasked with finding out who took the photo. The Supreme Court’s move aims to prevent similar breaches in the future and ensure the confidentiality of court proceedings. This measure is part of broader efforts to maintain the integrity and security of judicial processes.

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