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Surf Excel New Sentimental TVC on Orphans wins heart of Pakistanis

Surf Excel detergent always comes up with the most sensational and sentimental ads that won the hearts of people around the world. Every year during Ramzan, Surf Excel grab the attention of people through its ad that carries a strong message behind it either of Goodness (Neki) or Worship (Ibadat).

Surf Excel highlights the goodness towards the mankind that directly touches the heart and make everyone thinking over helping or loving not only the close ones but all mankind.

Again in 2021, the heartwarming advertisement of this amazing brand has mesmerized people through its inspiring narrative.

Surf Excel TVC- Ek Mukammal Jahaan!

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The TVC of 2021 has presented an idea to reunite the orphan children with old-age people living in an old-age home. This is beautifully presented as the orphans visited the old people to celebrate the first day of Ramzan with those who are apart from their loved ones and are living in an old-age home.

The ad showcase a beautiful picture where the joyful emotions of excited children and elders were seen where they do various activities together and enjoy every moment spent together. The old man with his care and love, feeding food to a child with a spoon and also dropping some food on the clothes makes both smiles.

A scene where a little girl dyes the hair of a grandma who is old and has white hair makes everyone fall for the beauty of it. The children and elders painting on wall together for welcoming ramzan also makes it joyful to see helping each other.

According to the ad, these moments highlights the feeling of each character, “I feel complete as your lights shines upon me.” After breaking the fast together and thanking God for his mercy when the time came for children to go back, the reflection of emotions and the ending dialogues “Inhonay bhi kisi ko khoya hai, aur humne bhi, Saath reh lenge, toh koi akela nahi rahega” is the purest message for all to reunite the ones who wanted love and care.

Beautiful Message

Surf Excel has influenced many to change their perspective and help the people to feel complete in their life with their loved ones. Orphans need elders to look after them, to take care as well as love them; however, elders also miss their loved ones and want to see children at the age where they themselves have one.

“Today my destiny is rewritten,” this line has created a wholesome effect that we are the ones who can change our destiny, all we need to do is to have love for each other and make the right decisions in life.

Surf Excel’s heartwarming idea with full of emotions and joy has put smiles on millions of people across the nation. This ad of 2021 has the most positive message; however, this detergent brands has presented each arena where the children along with elders, enjoy each activity without thing of their clean clothes.

In Pakistan, there are many old-age homes and the shelter homes for orphanages. However, if this idea depicted by Surf Excel will be implemented in the country, then many people will be able to change their destiny while living with a feel of a complete family.

According to the sources there are more than 5 million adults and orphans in old-age and shelter homes; however, these people also deserve to have a joyful life and family. Surf Excel’s initiative to join them in bringing them together truly deserves the appreciation by the nation because this idea can make “Ek Mukammal Jahan”.

Mehjabeen Qasim
Mehjabeen Qasim
Business Journalist at Startup Pakistan

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