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Surf Excel Spends Time with Kids at Indus Hospital This Ramzan

Every year, the holy month of Ramzan is long awaited by Muslims around the world because it is a chance for them to mend their ways, turn to their Creator and worship Him while doing as many good deeds as possible in this blessed month. This is the month in which our naikis are multiplied seventy times. While we become occupied with our sehrs, iftars and ibadats, we forget about the ones who are sick, and can’t even lead normal lives because of their ill health. They spend their Ramzan in a hospital bed, waiting for a glimmer of hope and a flicker of happiness.

Every year, Surf Excel comes up with a brilliant idea, a message that we can all learn from and spread forward. It is a way of giving back to society and being responsible citizens. This year, Surf initiated the idea of #KhushiyonKaSadqa. The thought behind the initiative is to tell kids and adults about how sadqa is not just about monetary help. It can also be a simple gesture such as sharing your meal with someone, helping someone in need without expecting anything in return, or smiling at a stranger. These are also acts of giving sadqa of happiness, and kindness, something that we can all do in the current day and age.

Surf Excel kickstarted the initiative with a moving DVC that will definitely warm your hearts and moisten your eyes. The ad shows a brother-sister duo learning how zakat is about giving a small percentage of something you value to those who need our help. The kids don’t have money but they realise they have happiness and joys which they think are valuable, particularly for those who don’t have it in their lives. They end up spreading happiness and smiles at a children’s hospital and give their #KhushiyonKaSadqa.

Taking this message forward, team Surf Excel has been visiting Indus Hospital where they spend time with the kids suffering from cancer. They want to add a bit of happiness and brighten the day of those adorable, pure souls, some of whom aren’t even aware of what’s wrong with them. Through a few interactive activities, Surf Excel wants the kids to have fun, have a gala time and put their worries aside for a little while.

Team Surf Excel is doing this through activities such as drum circle rounds, arts and crafts, magic shows, storytelling sessions, and t-shirt painting among others. Prominent celebrities and influencers have joined hands with Surf Excel and are happily spending time with the kids at the hospital. These include Sania Saeed, Dino Ali, Anoushay Ashraf and cricketer Sarfaraz Ahmed to name a few. The kids are having a blast with everyone there. They look forward to the daily visits and become overjoyed when visitors show up at the hospital because they know they are about to do something fun and interesting. Surf Excel will continue to visit Indus Hospital from Monday to Thursday during the entire month of Ramzan.

If you feel like becoming a part of this noteworthy initiative, take some time out from your busy schedules and spend it with the kids at the hospital. You will feel a deep sense of ease and gratitude. Even if you are unable to do that, it’s fine. Give your #KhushiyonKaSadqa by spending time with your loved ones and bringing them some form of happiness in this holy month of Ramzan.

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