Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Surprising Sales Figures: Pakistan’s Best-Selling Cars Revealed for June

In the wake of the prolonged economic crisis, the automobile industry has faced a notable decline in sales. According to the latest figures revealed by Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA), carmakers, limited to association members, sold 6,034 vehicles in June 2023.

The figures reflect a massive 79% decline in sales compared to June’22.

In June 2023, Honda, Toyota, and Suzuki Motors experienced significant growth in sales.

Suzuki Alto

Suzuki Alto has been the preferred option in the entry-level market this June selling 2,372 vehicles. A 3% surge was observed as compared to the previous month. The price of the Suzuki Alto ranges from PKR 1,699,000 (VX Variant) – PKR 2,223,000 (AGS).

Toyota Corolla & Yaris

Toyota Corolla and Toyota Yaris sold 1,780 vehicles in June 2023. Overall, the company faced a decrease in sales owing to the non-production and prices surging.

Toyota Yaris was priced in the range of PKR 3,539,000 – PKR 4,259,000 while Toyota Corolla was priced between PKR 4,569,000 – PKR 5,749,000.

Suzuki Swift

Swift has shown a remarkable sale in June 2023 selling 1,263 units experiencing a major 137% growth as compared to previous months. The price falls in the range of PKR 3,189,000 – PKR 3,760,000.

Honda Civic & City

Honda sold total combined units of 1,201 in June of Civic and City. However, the company faced a 16% decline compared to May due to a bad economy and increased prices. Honda Civic is priced in the range of PKR 6,349,000 – PKR 7,549,000. While Honda City is priced in the range of PKR 3,769,000 – PKR 4,479,000.

Suzuki Wagon R

Suzuki Wagon R observed a whopping 110% increase in sales during June 2023 by selling around 766 vehicles. The price of Wagon R falls in the range of PKR 2,421,000 (VXR) – PKR 2,754,000 (AGS).

Prices in Pakistan

VehiclePrice Range
Suzuki AltoPKR 1,699,000 (VX Variant) – PKR 2,223,000 (AGS)
Toyota Corolla & YarisCorolla: PKR 4,569,000 – PKR 5,749,000 Yaris: PKR 3,539,000 – PKR 4,259,000
Suzuki SwiftPKR 3,189,000 – PKR 3,760,000
Honda Civic & CityCivic: PKR 6,349,000 – PKR 7,549,000 City: PKR 3,769,000 – PKR 4,479,000
Suzuki Wagon RPKR 2,421,000 (VXR) – PKR 2,754,000 (AGS)

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