Sunday, April 14, 2024

Suzuki Alto Price Surpasses 3 Million Mark in Pakistan Admist Recent Price Hike

Suzuki Alto’s different models now have new prices. The Alto VX costs Rs2,331,000, the Alto VXR is priced at Rs2,707,000, the Alto VXR AGS is now Rs2,894,000, and the Alto AGS is Rs3,045,000. This small car, with its 660cc engine, remains popular because it’s easy to drive in cities.

Although it doesn’t have many fancy features and looks pretty ordinary, the Alto is still a favorite among people buying their first car or those who want something affordable. Suzuki’s focus on making cars that use less fuel, especially with the R-series engine in the Alto, adds to its appeal because it’s seen as dependable.

You can get the Alto in different colors like black, white, graphite grey, cerulean blue, and silky silver. It can go about 18 kilometers on a liter of fuel in the city and 22 kilometers on the highway, which is pretty good for a small car.

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