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Suzuki Every Price in Pakistan 2023 – Variants, Specs, and Pictures

Suzuki Every is a modern wagon with a stylish exterior, luxurious interior, and advanced features. The article has mentioned Suzuki Every price in Pakistan 2023.

The era of uncomfortable vans is now over. The stylish van by Suzuki has a spacious interior with advanced features installed. Its 658 cc engine and 4-speed / 3-speed automatic gearbox make it certain to deliver excellent performance. Read the article to discover Suzuki every wagon’s key features and technical specifications.

Engine and Performance

Its DOHC 12 valves engine and 658 cc engine displacement enable smooth driving. The engine delivers the horsepower of 57.6 hp at 5700 RPM and 62 Nm torque at 3500 RPM. The unique aspect of this new Suzuki wagon is that it comes with manual and automatic transmission.

The 4-speed manual transmission and CVT automatic transmission has solved many people’s problems. The wagon comes with both a 4-wheel drive and a 2-wheel drive system. Its excellent engine and performance make it worth buying for large families.

Fuel efficiency

Suzuki’s fuel average has made the wagon popular among people and increased its demand. It has 37 liters fuel capacity. The fuel average is almost 24 km per liter. The fuel supply system is electronic fuel injection (EFI). The wagon runs on petrol with good fuel mileage as well.


The exterior is designed in a boxy shape and has a classic Kei flat body. The front of the wagon is rectangular shaped and is designed with rectangular shaped swept headlights. The front grille, silver in color, is manufactured such that it has triple air intakes and double intakes.

The classic wagon design of Suzuki Every consists of 5 sliding doors. The standard rectangular taillights low mounted at the backside of the wagon enhance its style. The rear hatchback provides enough space for luggage as well. 

The rectangular, boxy shape of the wagon gives it a different and unique appearance. The engineers have furnished the wagon with maximum glass on the front and rear sides, providing an eye-catching and appealing look.

The alloy rims of the wheels further increase the beauty of the exterior.

Suzuki Every Exterior


The Suzuki every wagon interior is the most comfortable and luxurious. The seats are made with highly comfortable material to make your journey convenient. Special adjustments are made while fitting the seats, making it convenient for the driver to drive and passengers to sit.

The interior is made with color contrast pf beige and black trim plastic pieces. Other features include a good air conditioning system. The stereo audio system provides the best experience of listening to your favorite music.

The additional stylish tachometer integrated displays the wagon’s working speed. Moreover, the Suzuki every 2023 is also installed with power steering, power windows, and power lock doors. The keyless entry increases the safety and automation of the wagon.

Suzuki’s rear seats are removable and consist of reclining features. The spacious interior provides enough legroom for a comfortable journey. The interior is also equipped with safety features, including airbags, seat belts, keyless entry, etc.

The infotainment system includes 5 inches display, a touch panel for CD and DVD players, and a touch panel AC. The integrated sound system is perfect for enjoying music. AM and FM radio are also present in the Suzuki every.

This boxy-shaped family car presents the auto footrest and other features making the interior highly luxurious.

Suzuki Every Interior


Suzuki has made certain the safety of the users first in every vehicle. Suzuki every is equipped with various features that maximize the safety and security of the driver and passengers. The efficient and strong seat belts for the front seats prevent the possibility of damage from the sudden jerks and impacts in case of emergency.

The anti-lock braking system further ensures safety by efficiently preventing the pressure that can lock the axle and wheel of the wagon. Airbags are integrated at specific locations to provide safety from sudden incidents. The safety features assure a risk-free driving experience.

Key features

The key features of Suzuki Every cc are given below.

Suzuki Every Wagon has an engine capacity of 658 ccs.

The wagon comes with two driving types. 2-wheel drive as well as 4-wheel drive. Efficient fuel consumption and average. The fuel used is petrol.

Suzuki every constitutes a 5-speed manual gearbox made with CVT automatic transmission. The wagon has an efficient fuel mileage of 24 KM per Liters. Another unique feature of the wagon is that it allows manual and automatic gear transmission.

The interior is very comfortable and spacious. Power windows, power mirrors power steering are also present. There are five doors and a maximum seating capacity of six people.

Keyless entry, airbags, and an anti-lock braking system are other safety key features. 5 inches LCD screen, stereo system, auto footrest, touch panel CD and DVD player, and touch panel AC.


Suzuki Every cc specifications are given in the table below.

TypeDOHC 12-valves
Displacement658 cc
Cylinders per valve4
TransmissionManual and automatic
Wheel-drive2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive
Torque62 Nm at 3500 RPM
Horsepower57.6 hp at 5700 RPM
Maximum capacity of the fuel tank37 liters
Fuel typePetrol
Fuel supply systemElectronic fuel injection (EFI)
Length (mm)3395
Height (mm)1800
Width (mm)1475
Wheelbase (mm)2400
Kerb weight (kg)910
Ground clearance (mm)155
Seating rowsThree
No. of doors5
Seating capacity5 to 6 people


Suzuki every competitor are the following.


The various variants of Suzuki every 2023 are the following.

  • Suzuki every JP.
  • Suzuki every JP Turbo limited.
  • JP Suzuki every Turbo.
  • Suzuki every PZ turbo.
  • PZ Suzuki every turbo special

Suzuki Every Price in Pakistan

Suzuki every price in Pakistan varies. The price range of the Suzuki Every 2023 is between PKR 2,270,053 to 2,790,240.

The article concludes all the features and specifications of this latest Suzuki wagon and Suzuki every price in Pakistan 2023.

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