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Suzuki Hayabusa Price in Pakistan 2023 – Specs, Mileage, Images, and Everything

Suzuki is well-known for its automobiles and motorcycles worldwide, and its cars and motorcycles have long been popular in Pakistan. Suzuki bikes are pretty economical in the city, and its sports bikes are ideal for long distances among bile enthusiasts. This article includes information about the Suzuki Hayabusa price in Pakistan. We’ll also go over the features, fuel capacity, top speed, and other specifications.

The Suzuki Hayabusa 2023 is considered one of the fastest and most expensive heavy-duty bikes globally. The powerful air-cooled engine on the Hayabusa cc1340 makes it a good alternative for heavy bike fans.

Suzuki Hayabusa Features

Following are the features of this bike

  • 1340cc DOHC air-cooled engine
  • Electric Start
  • Lightweight
  • High-Performance ABS brakes
  • Neutral indicator light
  • Suzuki Clutch Assist System
  • LCD information panel
  • Aluminum frame
  • Titanium valves
  • Speedometer
  • The wheelbase of 1480mm
  • 21 Liters Fuel capacity

Suzuki Hayabusa in Pakistan

Suzuki Hayabusa Specifications

These are some of the bike’s impressive specifications:

Engine DOHC 16 Valve; 4-Cylinder; Liquid Cooled
Dimension (LxWxH) 2190
Displacement 1340cc
Transmission 6-speed
Ground Clearance 120mm
Petrol Capacity 21 L
Seat Height 805mm
Starter Electric
Warranty 2 Year unlimited kilometer

Suzuki Hayabusa Top Speed

When individuals buy a sport-bike, the first thing they will look for is the top speed. Because some people compete in races, they choose bikes with the highest top rate compared to other bikes. So, if we talk about this car, it has a top speed of 390 kilometers per hour. Moreover, it is the fastest speed available.

Suzuki Hayabusa Top Speed

Suzuki Hayabusa Mileage

Customers usually check the fuel average of a bike before purchasing it. The mileage of this heavy bike is 11 km/L, which is excellent as per the engine of this bike because it is a sports bike.

Suzuki Hayabusa 2023 Colors Availability

This bike is available in the following colors:

  • Candy Red
  • Metallic Grey

Suzuki Hayabusa Price in Pakistan

The price of this bike in Pakistan is PKR 2,600,000, and it is an incredible bike that will provide you with a thrilling ride.


This article is all about Suzuki Hayabusa’s price in Pakistan Suzuki motorcycles are the most powerful and dependable. Suzuki is well-known for its high-performance motorbikes as a vehicle manufacturer. The Suzuki Hayabusa sets the bar for ultra-fast modern heavy motorcycles. It is, without a doubt, the best heavy bike in Pakistan.

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