Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Suzuki Pakistan Launches Swift in ‘Two-Tone Exterior’ with a Price Tag of Rs. 47 Lacs

Suzuki Pakistan has introduced a cool new option for its Suzuki Swift GLX CVT hatchback, adding a two-tone exterior color choice at the same price of Rs. 4,719,000. Now, customers can choose between Mineral Grey with a Black Roof or Silky Silver with a Black Roof, giving them more stylish options to pick from.

With these fresh color combinations, which also feature black side view mirrors, Suzuki aims to lead the way in the premium hatchback market. While you can’t book this new version yet, you can find it in limited quantities at Suzuki dealerships for immediate purchase.

In addition to the color update, Suzuki Pakistan has recently slashed prices for the Swift lineup, starting from May 1, 2024. These adjustments, based on market trends, make the Swift range even more affordable. Prices now start from Rs. 4,336,000 for the Swift GL MT, reduced by Rs. 85,000. The top-of-the-line Swift GLX CVT, previously priced at Rs. 5,429,000, now costs Rs. 4,719,000 after a whopping reduction of Rs. 710,000.

This smart pricing strategy is expected to inject new energy into the market and give customers better deals on Swift models.

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