Monday, June 17, 2024

Suzuki Swift GLX Now Cost More than Rs 4.1 Million after Recent Price Hike of Rs. 355,000

Recently, PSMCL (Pak Suzuki Motor Company Ltd.) increased the rates of several models by Rs 115,000–Rs 355,000.

Alto VX, VXR, VXR AGS, and AGS rates have raised by Rs160,000-200,000 to Rs1.859 million, Rs2.156 million, Rs2.310 million, and Rs2.423 million, respectively, from Rs1.699 million, Rs1.976 million, Rs2.120 million, and Rs2.223 million.

Suzuki Swift GLX prices more than Rs. 4.1 Million after a Recent Price Hike of Rs. 355,000.

WagonR R VXR, R VXL, and R AGS model cost Rs2.629m, Rs2.789m, and Rs3.059m, respectively, after a raise after a price increase of Rs208,000-257,000. Lastly Suzuki Cultus(AGS) costs Rs. 3.56 Million after Price Hike.

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