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Swvl Recently Lanched a New Vertical for Corporate Branding

The world is changing. Every day, the newest trends and technologies replace outdated ones.

To survive this race of being the most updated in terms of evolution, brands need to keep up with the latest trends.

Keeping up with this ever-changing landscape of marketing, a Dubai-based ride-hailing company, Swvl, has recently launched a new vertical for corporate branding.

The target of this vertical is to partner with existing brands and provide them with an affordable means of advertising across Pakistan.

Through this collaboration, Swvl will team up with notable brands of the country and provide them a vast fleet for advertisements.

These advertisements will be run as OOH campaigns via bus branding in the major cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Faisalabad.

As one of the fastest-growing companies in emerging markets, Swvl has recently been listed on NASDAQ via Queen’s Gambit Growth Capital.

With an evaluation of 2.5 billion dollars, Swvl is the first unicorn in the middle eastern region to list on Nasdaq US.

This service aims to provide the brands with an affordable means of advertising for OOH campaigns, with a low cost per impression. Through this unconventional marketing tactic, not only will the brands be able to create awareness to their relevant target audience but will also be able to generate more queries.

An average Swvl bus runs around 12-14 hours a day covering 26 stations per route.

Through internal and external bus branding, Swvl will maximize the reach of each brand’s CTAs according to their preferred areas and timing.

Speaking about this new OOH marketing vertical, Shiraz Razi, Head of Marketing at Dominos Pakistan said, “The Swvl branding vertical is for sure an alternative marketing and brand communication medium for marketers who are always on the hunt for new creative and affordable channels to place their brand communication.”

He added, “This will spread awareness in a customized way in regards to their preferred areas and timings plus catch the attention of their target audiences within the mass bus transit network.”

Salman Zaman Khan, Head of PR and Brand Partnerships at Pakwheels said, “Swvl provided PakWheels a completely out-of-the-box branding opportunity with our partnership using its unique service as the branding platform itself in the city of Karachi.”

“PakWheels will be more than happy to work with Swvl in the future and wishes it good luck in its mission to provide an affordable and reliable transportation solution,” added Salman.

Talking about this fruitful partnership, Hasan Omar, Director Quetta Gladiators said, “We feel really ecstatic to have partnered with Swvl, a leading service provider to the commuters in Pakistan. This partnership will give Quetta Gladiators an edge to broaden our brand to an international affiliation.”

Swvl operates in four major cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi.

The service has recently launched in Faisalabad, with a vast number of vehicles available in each city in addition to vehicles being utilized for intercity traveling.

The company’s aim is to empower communities with transport solutions that are reliable, convenient, safe, and affordable.

To advertise with Swvl, contact them at [email protected]

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