Thursday, December 7, 2023

Sybrid’s Diversity Report 2023 Highlights the Importance of Diversity and Inclusivity in Workforce

Sybrid Private Limited, a company under the Lakson Group, is a leading technology solutions provider known for delivering comprehensive business solutions globally. The company emphasizes diversity and inclusion. Moreover, it has recently released its inaugural Diversity Report after 15 years of operation. This report presents their commitment to promoting diversity across various aspects like gender, religion, geographical location, function, and ethnicity.

The primary focus of the report is to illustrate Sybrid’s efforts in creating an inclusive environment, enhancing experiences for employees, clientele, and communities. They invite individuals to unite and work towards a more inclusive future, demonstrating their dedication to these fundamental values.

Furthermore, empowering women is a top priority for Sybrid which is demonstrated through practices like fair hiring, equal pay, and ample training and development opportunities. The report highlights a consistent increase in the number of female employees, underscoring the progress in gender representation within the company.

Ethnic diversity is acknowledged and appreciated at Sybrid, with team members from various backgrounds. The company also respects diverse religious beliefs, allowing employees to practice their faith comfortably and observe religious events.

Moreover, diversity is not only a principle but a practice at Sybrid, deeply ingrained in its wide range of services and solutions. The company, with over 20 different functions and units and a diverse workforce of 2,000+, where females constitute over 23% is a true embodiment of diversity.

Inclusivity extends beyond the workforce to the geographical spread of the company. With offices and support functions in over 10 cities, including remote areas, Sybrid ensures diversity is experienced throughout Pakistan. Moreover, they reinforce this commitment by establishing R&D centers in various universities, providing opportunities for talent from diverse educational backgrounds.

Sadaf Zehra, a senior marketing executive at Sybrid, commends the inspiring work environment where everyone’s unique qualities are valued, fueling innovation through unity among colleagues from different backgrounds. Sybrid stands as a benchmark for diversity in the corporate world, and employees take pride in this progressive journey.

The 2023 Diversity Report justifies Sybrid’s dedication to creating a dynamic work environment that leverages its diverse workforce’s strengths to drive innovation and success. This report portrays an ongoing journey towards fostering diversity and inclusion within the organization and the broader community. To get detailed insights on Sybrid’s Diversity Report 2023 click here

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