Saturday, July 13, 2024

Taher Shah Announces Hollywood Movie Titled Eye to Eye

Social Media Sensation, Taher Shah reveals ‘New Era of Taher Shah’ via his twitter account by announcing the news of his Hollywood movie titled ‘Eye to Eye’. The singer has been giving hints about his future projects in the last weeks.

Taher Shah posted a long tweet detailing his upcoming project. He revealed that the film is about a unique tale of ‘eternal love’. Moreover, the audience will also see Taher Shah in the movie in multiple roles. The singer has written the script, song lyrics, and screenplay himself.

The movie will introduce many new faces of Canada, America, and other countries and will be released in both English and Urdu language worldwide. Taher shah also stated that he wanted to release the movie on the completion of a decade to his song ‘Eye to Eye’ on 3rd May 2023.

Taher Shah assures his fans that his debut film will be the beginning of a new era in Hollywood for his distinctive and unique story.

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