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Talabat Slams Careem’s Controversial Refund Policy, it Hurts the Riders’

Talabat’s CEO, Tomaso Rodriguez, has voiced his disapproval of Careem Food’s late delivery refund promotion, stating that it places undue pressure on riders.

Rodriguez emphasized that Talabat does not support campaigns of this nature as they can negatively impact the riders’ well being.

Cashback offer by Careem

Careem Food recently introduced a cashback offer for customers where they would receive AED1 for every minute their order was delayed. However, Rodriguez believes that incentivizing faster delivery can compromise safety. He believes it goes against Talabat’s principles. He reiterated Talabat’s commitment to providing the best experience for customers without jeopardizing the well being of riders.

The initiative by Careem Food faced criticism from concerned individuals who raised concerns about the financial and safety implications for drivers. Careem clarified that the late delivery cashback would be paid by the company, not the Captains.

Rodriguez highlighted Talabat’s dedication to consistency and delivering a positive customer experience. He shared his personal experience of ordering from Talabat regularly, noting that he has never encountered a late delivery. Rodriguez concluded by emphasizing Talabat’s focus on providing a consistently excellent service and avoiding any practices that could put undue pressure on riders.

Deliveroo also expressed reservations about the late delivery cashback policy, sharing similar concerns regarding the message it sends and the potential implications. Anis Harb, General Manager Middle East at Deliveroo, stated that they want to steer clear of associations with such policies.

Arabian Business reached out to Careem for their response to the criticism. Alex Golden, Careem’s GM of Food, clarified their position in an exclusive statement. Golden emphasized Careem’s commitment to safety, the well-being of Captains, and being a positive force in the community. He explained that their campaign focuses on delivering promises and accuracy, rather than speed. He also highlighted the differences in their operational approach, stating that Careem does not batch orders, ensuring dedicated Captains for each customer and minimizing delays.

Talabat’s Recent Innovations

In recent developments, Talabat launched a beta version of “talabat AI,” powered by Chat GPT. This AI-powered feature enables customers to search for recipes, access ingredient details, nutritional information, cooking tips, and more.

Looking Ahead

Talabat has ambitious plans for exponential growth in the region, including new launches and forthcoming announcements. Rodriguez expressed enthusiasm for building larger and more convenient stores with improved pricing, aiming to enhance the overall customer experience.

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