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Tamasha’s First-Ever Original Series, Family Bizniss Revealed

On March 9th, the cast and trailer for Tamasha’s first-ever Original series, Family Bizniss, was revealed in a majestic launch event. With the rise of streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, original digital series are more accessible than ever before. Digital platforms often give creators more creative freedom to tell stories that may not fit the mold of traditional TV, leading to more innovative and out-of-the-box storytelling.

Family Bizniss, Tamasha’s first-ever Original series will soon entertain the audience with its creative storytelling. It is being produced in collaboration with Fahad Mustafa’s Big Bang Entertainment. Strong and well-developed characters that mass audiences will be able to relate to will add to the Family Bizniss’s experience. The cast includes Asim Azhar, Mah-e-nur Haider, Saife Hasan, Salma Hasan, Bushra Habib, and Hussain Mohsin.

Aamer Ejaz from Tamasha management shared his vision of paying patronage to local content as well as subtly creating awareness about digital inclusion among the masses in a fun and witty way through Family Bizniss.

Fahad Mustafa shared his excitement producing Family Bizniss for Tamasha. He stated there is a general belief that only those series depicting negative or controversial themes can succeed. However, “Family Bizniss” breaks away from this trend by focusing purely on quality content that is both intriguing and entertaining.

He also explained why he selected Bilal Atif Khan, a young director, to helm the series. “I intentionally chose a young person to direct the web-series because I believe that young individuals are in tune with the current trends and feel the pulse of today’s digital content,” he stated.

Bilal Atif Khan, the director, shared how Family Bizniss is a peek into the everyday life of a middle class Pakistani family. A family each and everyone can relate to and call it their own. I have been fortunate to have worked with the veterans of our industry (Saife bhai and Salma ma’am) as well as the upcoming talent and of course the star that represents youth in our country Asim Azhar.

Asim Azhar, the lead actor, said he decided to take on this project because it was for an OTT platform, which eliminates a lot of limitations. He added that it was a learning experience as OTT and TV differ greatly. Asim Azhar said Family Bizniss is a well-crafted story offering a unique perspective on a unique theme. The dialogues are natural-sounding, believable, and relevant to the characters and their situation.

The official trailer of Family Bizniss was released giving us all a teaser of what’s coming.

The series is expected to release very soon on Tamasha app which is available on both android and apple smartphones as well as can be accessed via website.

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