Friday, December 1, 2023

Tax Filing Services as low as 3000 PKR – With Ways Tax

Nobody loves paying taxes. Especially when they don’t yield benefits. However, in Pakistan, no matter whichever Government comes, everyone has offered best of the best benefits to Tax filers. Tax Filers enjoy financial savings on multiple aspects of living including

Filer BenefitsTax Filer Pays TaxNon- Filer Pays Tax
           import of raw materials5.5%8%
Electricity BillsNull7.5%
Bank Profits15%30%
Mutual Funds15%30%
On Winning Bonds15%30%
Remitting outside country1%2%
Purchase of Property2%7%
Sale of Property2%4%
Registration of Vehicle more than Rs. 5 million3%200%

Tax Filers usually maintain a good reputation in society and their visa is also easily approved. Visa and NTN, personal filing history is part of it. Furthermore, if there are tax liabilities, we often receive tax credits which the tax filer can use to pay taxes. These include credits from paid taxes on mutual funds, vehicles, property, mobile, electricity bills, internet bills, Zakat, or donations to NPOs.

Startup Pakistan has collaborated with Ways Tax – (a company of HR WAYS) to offer cost effective solutions in terms of salary taxation. Because the majority of Startup Pakistan readers are salaried Persons, Startup Pakistan has collaborated with Ways Tax – (a company of HR WAYS), is offering a flat discount of Rs: 3000/- in Income tax filing for the month of August (for first time filers). Salaried person can now become Income tax filers and can save Thousands of rupees annually.

In a short period of time, WaysTax rose to the top of the list for all tax-related issues among Pakistanis. Since 2018 it is trusted by many IT companies for their SECP and FBR compliances. In 2022, Over Thousands of Individuals have chosen Ways Tax for Tax Filing & Registrations. So far, their team has handled important tax issues and hearings, registered over dozens companies, filed taxes for 5000+ people & facilitated 2500+ Overseas Pakistanis.

Fast Forward 2022, Clients who onboard with Ways Tax receive free tax counseling over the phone and there are no fees associated with individual NTN. Their corporate clients are always in a comfortable state with them because they take care of their FBR and SECP filings. They are specialists in timely, risk-free, secure, and research-based filing. As of now, Ways Tax stands on the top of market for risk-free tax filing services.

Other services offered by ways tax is, Company Registrations, (PVT LTD, SMC PVT LTD, LLP etc), Annual SECP Compliance, FBR Filings and all  Incorporation of  legal compliances..

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