Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Tax On iPhone 13 Pro Max Increases To Rs.78,000 In PTA New Tax Policy

Bringing an iPhone 13 Pro Max 1TB from overseas or having it shipped to you by family has become more expensive after the government raised luxury phone taxes again.

The Federal Government has recently increased the PTA Taxes on mobile phone approval by a large amount with the release of the mini-budget. However, the new taxes do not apply to smartphones under $200, and the change is only in effect for smartphones above $200.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max costs $1,730.92 in the United States, which is comparable to Rs. 305,291.02 in India.

The government has stated that all phones purchased from outside will be subject to a 17 percent GST in addition to customs duties.

The Apple iPhone is both the most popular and the most expensive smartphone in the country; however, the high price is regarded to be justified by the product, which provides a solid smartphone for everyday use as well as some demanding applications, like gaming.

iPhone 13 Series Prices in Pakistan

The prices of the iPhone 13 series in Pakistan are listed in the table below.

iPhone 13 Mini Price in Pakistan

128GBRs. 198,300
256GBRs. 225,700
512GBRs. 272,900

iPhone 13 Price in Pakistan

128GBRs. 226,100
256GBRs. 249,300
512GBRs. 300,500

iPhone 13 Pro Price in Pakistan

128GBRs. 283,300
256GBRs. 300,100
512GBRs. 345,900
1TBRs. 394,000

iPhone 13 Pro Max Price in Pakistan

125GBRs. 301,200
256GBRs. 322,400
512GBRs. 370,500
1TBRs. 416,300

Previously, a set tax of Rs. 10,000 was applied on imported phones. However, the current price of the iPhone includes a sales tax (GST) of Rs. 51,899.47, as well as a customs duty of Rs. 34,000.

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