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Taxila is 2500+ Years Old City in Pakistan, Considered as One of Most Ancient City of the World

Taxila, a city of Pakistan homing various historical places is the most ancient city in the World. Located 31 km west of Islamabad, the city is a world heritage site, almost 2500 years old, however many people did not know.

Taxila is one of the seven tehsils in Rawalpindi district, historically referred as Takshashila. The city lies around the boundaries of the famous Potohar Plateau. The history of this Gandharan Kingdom initiates from the 6th century BC, when it became part of Achaemenid Empire of Persia.

The city flourishes with its many Buddhist heritage sites including Dharmarajika stupa, Khader Mohra, Kunala stupa, Badalpur monasteries and many others. The city is also known for its ancient ruins and Taxila Museum.

People of Taxila owns Punjabi culture with their native Punjabi dialect. In addition, the distinguishing hallmark of the city that makes it stand out is its historical background and heritage sites.

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