Monday, March 4, 2024

Tech firm will pay you $280,000 to have your face Imprinted on Robots

A tech firm is planning to release a new line of human-like robots, but they want them to have a nice face. Promobot might manufacture a variety of computer-generated faces, but they’re searching for real people to give their features to the latest set of robots.

They’re willing to pay £150,000 (US $200,000/AU $280,000) to the rightful owner of their face’s rights.

The organisation stated that it is looking for someone with a “kind and friendly” demeanour, but they will accept applications from people of all colours and genders who are over the age of 25. Starting in 2023, Promobot plans to put its robots in hotels, retail malls, and airports across North America and the Middle East.

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