Thursday, May 30, 2024

Tech Giant Bill Gates Reveals ‘Right Age’ for Children to Use Smart Phones

Bill Gates, the tech mogul, recently spoke out about his views on when children should start using smartphones. He revealed that he only allowed his own children to have smartphones when they turned 14 years old. Gates stressed the importance of kids having a healthy sleep routine and not spending too much time staring at screens.

Even though Gates’ children are older now, he still has strict rules about using Apple products, partly due to his rivalry with Steve Jobs. This means his kids have limitations when it comes to using certain devices from Apple.

Gates’ parenting approach is supported by experts like James P. Steyer, who heads Common Sense Media. Steyer believes that it’s more about a child’s maturity level than their age when deciding if they’re ready for a smartphone.

PBS Parents, a trusted resource, suggests that parents should think about how independent and responsible their child is before giving them a phone. It’s essential to consider factors like whether they can manage their time well and understand the importance of online safety.

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