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Tecno Announces Major Drop in Mobile Phone Prices

Tecno Mobile has recently declared a significant price reduction for its mobile phones in Pakistan as the elevated regulatory duty on smartphones that was imposed last year has now expired.

The reduction in the prices of four of Tecno Mobile’s top-selling mobile phones has been announced by the company.

New Tecno Mobile Phone Prices in Pakistan

ModelOld Price (PKR)New Price (PKR)Change (PKR)
Camon 19 NEO (128+6)57,99944,99913,000
Spark 8C (128+4)43,99936,9997,000
POVA NEO (64+4)43,99934,9999,000
POP 5 LTE (32+2)32,99924,9998,000

Tecno Mobile has recently announced a significant price reduction in its popular smartphones in Pakistan due to the expiration of the increased regulatory duty imposed on smartphones last year.

Among the models, the Tecno Camon 19 NEO (128+6) price has been decreased from Rs. 57,999 to Rs. 44,999, while the Tecno Spark 8C (128+4) is now available at Rs. 36,999 from its old price of Rs. 43,999. Additionally, the Tecno POVA NEO (64+4) price has been reduced to Rs. 34,999 from the previous price of Rs. 43,999, and the Tecno POP 5 LTE is now priced at Rs. 24,999, down from its old price of Rs. 32,999.

Following is a copy of the company’s notification:

It should be noted that Infinix Mobility has also joined Tecno Mobile in reducing the prices of their mobile phones in Pakistan. Infinix Mobility has announced a significant reduction in prices for their popular models, such as the Note 12 and Hot 12 smartphones.

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