Thursday, June 1, 2023

Tehzeeb Bakery Sealed Due to Hepatitis Outbreak in Employees in Islamabad

Tehzeeb Bakery, a popular bakery chain in Islamabad, has been sealed by the health authorities due to an outbreak of hepatitis among its employees. The decision was taken after several employees were diagnosed with the viral infection.

According to the health officials, the outbreak was caused by poor hygiene and unsanitary conditions at the bakery. The affected workers were treated at the hospital almost away, and their condition is now listed as stable.

The bakery has been forced to close until further notice, and an investigation has been opened to find out what is causing the outbreak. Samples of the bakery’s food products have been collected for testing, and the premises have been thoroughly inspected.

In a statement, the bakery management expressed regret over the incident and assured its customers that it will take all necessary measures to ensure the safety and hygiene of its products. The management also said that it will cooperate fully with the authorities in the investigation.

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