Thursday, November 30, 2023

Telenor Pakistan and Unilever Challenge Advertising Norms, Captivating Pakistan’s Digital-Savvy Generation

Telenor Pakistan’s MyTelenor App (MTA) is the first telecommunication application in Pakistan to offer advertising space for brands that specifically targets their desired audience.

With nearly 11 million monthly active users, the app provides a unique opportunity for brands to advertise to a high-value audience. This audience consists of digital-savvy individuals who are highly engaged and difficult to reach through traditional advertising channels.

The app’s monetization potential lies in its wide reach, allowing brands to have a significant share of voice (SOV) on the MyTelenor App. This feature makes it immune to issues like social media bans and strict regulations on foreign currency transactions.

As a result, advertisers who struggle to reach larger audiences through targeted advertising on digital platforms can now benefit from the MyTelenor App. With over 2.5 million daily users, brands have an excellent opportunity to effectively reach their desired audience without facing the same restrictions and limitations.

Unilever, a global consumer goods company, was the first advertiser to utilize this targeted advertising strategy on the MyTelenor App. By leveraging demographic segmentation, the company successfully reached its intended audience through this innovative platform.

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