Friday, December 8, 2023

Terminal 3 of Dubai Airport is the largest airport terminal in the world

Dubai International Airport Terminal 3 is an airport terminal at Dubai International Airport serving Dubai, UAE. When completed and opened on 14 October 2008, it was the largest building in the world by floor area and is currently the world’s largest airport terminal, with over 1,713,000 m2 (18,440,000 sq ft) of space.

The partly underground Terminal 3 was built at a cost of US$4.5 billion, exclusively for Emirates and has a capacity of 43 million passengers. However it was announced on 6 September 2012 that Terminal 3 would no longer be Emirates exclusive, as Emirates and Qantas had set up an extensive code sharing agreement. Qantas would be the second and only one of two airlines to fly in and out of Terminal 3.

This deal also allows Qantas to use the A380 Dedicated Concourse A. The terminal has 5 Airbus A380 gates at Concourse B, and 18 at Concourse A. (though since 2018, Qantas no longer flies to Dubai, as nonstop QF9/10 from Perth to London were launched and A380 again routed via Singapore instead).

In December 2018, flydubai commenced flights from Terminal 3 to selected destinations to facilitate transfers to/from Emirates.

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