Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Tesla Begins Production of Dojo Supercomputer to Train its Driveless Cars

Tesla has started making its Dojo supercomputer, which represents a big step forward in achieving its goal of autonomous vehicles. The Dojo supercomputer is specifically designed to speed up Tesla’s self-driving efforts by training its fleet of autonomous cars.

In the second-quarter earnings report for 2023, Tesla outlined four essential technology pillars needed to make vehicle autonomy work effectively on a large scale. These pillars include having a vast real-world dataset, neural net training, advanced vehicle hardware, and sophisticated vehicle software.

With the commencement of Dojo supercomputer production, Tesla is taking a significant leap towards efficient and cost-effective neural net training. This powerful supercomputer is expected to drastically reduce the time and resources required to train Tesla’s neural networks, making them smarter and better equipped for autonomous driving.

In simpler terms, Tesla is building a powerful computer called Dojo that will help it make self-driving cars. This computer will train Tesla’s cars to drive on their own using real-world data and advanced software. This technology will be crucial in achieving Tesla’s vision of widespread autonomous driving, making their cars safer and more capable on the road.

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