Monday, October 2, 2023

Tesla Owner Install $2,500 Solar Trailer to Charge His Car While Driving

A Tesla owner and popular YouTube influencer, ItsYeBoi, came up with a smart idea to charge his Tesla while driving. He created a special trailer equipped with solar panels that could be attached to his car. This setup allowed him to generate power on the move. Although the charging process takes about 40 hours, the invention works. ItsYeBoi purchased the solar panels independently and assembled them on the trailer, which cost him $2,500 in total.

In his video, ItsYeBoi explained how he planned to angle the solar panels on the trailer to capture the most sunlight, ensuring efficient solar input. By connecting the trailer to his Tesla, he could charge the car, claiming to have made the world’s first solar trailer for Tesla charging.

This innovative concept offers a fascinating glimpse into a potential future where vehicles can be continuously charged while driving using renewable energy. The idea of driving indefinitely with power from the sun is certainly an exciting possibility to consider.

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