Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Tesla Rewards Dedicated Worker Who Showered at Factory and Slept in His Car to Work More by Firing Him

Nico Murillo, a supervisor at Tesla’s production plant, worked tirelessly to meet production targets, even sleeping in his car and cooking microwave meals on-site.

Despite his dedication, Murillo was one of the 14,000 Tesla employees who lost their jobs in a recent company restructuring. He found out about his termination on April 15 when his access to company systems was deactivated. Later, security at the factory turned him away.

The layoffs happened because Tesla’s sales and profits went down worldwide. CEO Elon Musk said some jobs became unnecessary. But the process was messy, and some former employees got the wrong severance pay.

Even though it’s been tough, there’s hope that people who lost their jobs will find new ones. Maybe they’ll find jobs with a better balance between work and personal life.

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