Friday, December 1, 2023

Tharparkar Desert in Pakistan is the Only Fertile Desert in the World

Tharparkar is a big desert and it’s known for being the only desert where plants can grow. But because it doesn’t rain much there, people have a hard time finding enough water for basic things. So they can’t make the most of the fertile land. However, because the desert is fertile, trees grow naturally there and make it look beautiful.

When it rains between July and September, the desert changes into a very beautiful place. People from the Sindh province and sometimes from other places come to see it.After the rainy season, there are some ponds with water that can last for about three months. The people and animals drink this water, even though it’s not very clean. It’s not perfect, but it’s important when there’s not enough water.

The main way people get water is from wells. The water can be very deep, sometimes up to 200 feet. When there’s no rain, the water level in the wells goes even lower. Traditionally, women are the ones who get water from the wells using ropes.Because the water is so deep, one woman can’t get it alone. It takes a team of five to six women working together to pull up one bucket of water from the well.

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