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The 15 Best Restaurants in Pakistan the Worth Visiting 

One of the most basic requirements of human life is food. Pakistan, like any other country, has its distinct culinary specialties.Pakistan is known around the world for its cuisine, particularly for its deliciously flavored meals.

Similarly, Pakistani eateries differ significantly from those seen elsewhere in the world. Fine eating establishments with a pleasing ambiance and excellent food can be found. The restaurants described in this blog serve real Pakistani cuisine and are never vacant.

“There is a perfect weapon for every task,” as the old adage goes. The same may be said about Pakistan’s cuisine scene.

These restaurants have sprung out not only as a result of restaurateurs’ daring exploits but also in response to the international audience and eclectic palate that the citizens have cultivated.

Here are some of the greatest restaurants in Pakistan that offer the ideal setting for eating, socialising, and mixing for every occasion.


All passing travellers are welcome to stop in for breakfast (omelettes, muesli, pancakes, etc. ), a snack (cheese toast, sandwich), or a refreshing fruit juice or a genuine espresso! It’s a massacre with the walnut cake!

On the first and second floors of the building, a few tables are set up in front of a bay window with an unimpeded view of the village and mountains.

A modest stand with local products such as dried fruit, apricot oil, soap, and other items is also available. Books and local items are available for purchase on the ground floor.


Charsi Tikka is a well-known Peshawar eatery that provides excellent grilled meats and karahi (meat cooked in a tomato and spice sauce in a karaoke, a type of wok), which you may accompany with bread cakes and raw vegetables.

You can eat at tables or in “boxes” on the floor. Be careful, sensitive souls: the meat carcasses are hung in front of the eatery! Men are nearly entirely patrons of the eatery.

Costs is about 400 Rp per person. Open until late at night. At The Only Place, you’ll find a cheerful ambience, a dynamic staff, and delectable food ready to be devoured. This is one of the top restaurants in Peshawar.


A fairly interesting restaurant in Gilgit, with contemporary paintings and canvases adorning the walls (the owner runs an art school).

Pakistani, Chinese, and Italian cuisines are available, as well as steak, soups, and salads. Although the restaurant is nice, the terrace views a busy road. Jamal Shaheed Mall, Jutial Gilgit Gilgit Jamal Shaheed Mall, Jutial Gilgit.


Le Monal, located atop the Margallas’ crests, is a must-visit restaurant in the city. The cooks prepare the meat on planchas on the enormous descending terrace (split into 7 sections) overlooking Islamabad, while families come to sample the delectable Pakistani specialties and the younger ones take “selfies” in front of the wonderful panoramic vista.

Italian, Thai, and Moroccan meals are all available at the restaurant… After a trek in the Margallas (trail 5) on a Sunday morning, a brunch with an all-you-can-eat buffet is great! Open every day from 9am to 1am. About 1,600 Rp per person.


Lal Qila’s gorgeous red brick edifice will transport you to the Mughal era and its culture. It is tastefully adorned with period pieces that transport you to the 17th century. Fine dining options include Mughlai, Tandoori, BBQ, and authentic Pakistani food. Karachi, Hyderabad, and Lahore all have stores.

The majority of Pakistani restaurants have their own distinct narrative to tell. Surprisingly, the smallest ones are the oldest, and they have always held a special place in Pakistanis’ hearts. Visiting these Pakistani restaurants is a complete experience.

Pakistanis invest a lot of love and effort into their food, which reflects the sentimental value they place on it. In Pakistan, where their enthusiasm for cuisine has been passed down for generations, the restaurants are a symbol of legacy and history.


Pakistanis know that when it comes to pulao, only Savour Foods can satisfy their taste buds. Savour Foods is a well-known restaurant in Islamabad’s Blue Area. Other branches can be found in Lahore and Rawalpindi.

The pulao is popular among the locals since it is paired with Shami kebab. If you’re visiting Islamabad and want to try something traditional and inexpensive, this is the place to go.

This place has become a household name for individuals who enjoy Savour after establishing a profitable chain of eateries around the country. Some of the terms used to characterise the famed Savour dish include rich, aromatic, spicy, and enticing.


Lahore’s well-known food strip, which is home to a number of classic eateries. Andaaz Restaurant is a must-see for anybody visiting Lahore. The superb dining experience is complemented by a stunning view of the Badshahi Masjid, which highlights Lahore’s culture.

The structures are steeped in Lahore’s history and legends, which may be seen from the Andaaz’s rooftop. In Islamabad, there is another Andaaz Restaurant. It’s in Saidpur Village, where you can take in the view of the Margalla Hills while enjoying a festive atmosphere.


Kolachi is a beachside restaurant and it is one of the best restaurants in Karachi that specializes in traditional Pakistani and international fare. This restaurant also serves outstanding seafood platters, as the fish is caught fresh from the sea.

The vista is even more spectacular at night, when the lights on the shore brighten, creating a relaxing atmosphere. Aside from the food, the ambience of the location is as essential because it provides tourists with a respite from their hectic life.

Lobster sliders, quesadillas with green pea guacamole, and the city’s prettiest bet and mascarpone risotto are among the menu’s highlights. The Table is noted for using the finest locally grown vegetables, meat, and fish to create a colorful menu with dishes inspired by all corners of the globe.


The aroma of fried rice and the sound of a sizzling hot plate piled high with delectable Manchurian, crispy fried fish, and perhaps some crackers.

Indulge your fingers in the heavenly sweetness of real Chinese cuisine served at Ginsoy Extreme Chinese, which has earned a renowned place among the country’s major food chains due to the high-quality food it delivers. Located in Main Khayaban-e-Shahbaz, DHA, Karachi.

Ginsoy is one of the Best Chinese Restaurant in Karachi. This place has managed to retain its allure despite the passage of time. One of the few good restaurants in Karachi that has clung to its original recipe for success and thrived in the face of fierce competition from cuisines that have arrived with the city’s wave of modernity.


Café Crunch is the culinary creation of Sadia Bilour, a mother of two who decided to create a café in Peshawar’s University Town a few years ago.

Originally, Café Crunch was a branch of Masoom’s Café, a chain of eateries. Bilour’s efforts and skills, however, transformed the location into such a welcoming and popular cuisine destination among Peshawarites that she was able to carve out her own niche in the city.

Café Crunch is especially suggested for individuals who have a sweet taste; delicious cakes, pastries, cookies, and other sweets are baked fresh every day.

This café, which is popular among Peshawar regulars, exudes a small-town cafe charm, with both indoor and outdoor seating to provide a comfortable ambience for its patrons. Only a few new good restaurants in Peshawar have managed to build a dedicated client base, and this is one of them.


The Pearl Continental Hotel, often known as “the PC” by locals, is one of Peshawar’s most prestigious establishments.

The hotel has two superb restaurants that are far superior to the typical standard of Peshawar’s dining establishments. In a lovely setting influenced by traditional Chinese design, the Tai Pan restaurant delivers some of the greatest Chinese food in town. Try one of their delicious soups or pan-fried noodles.

The Marco Polo restaurant, on the other hand, is a good alternative for people looking for superb continental cuisine. However, local delicacies are also available. Both restaurants provide daily specials cooked with the freshest ingredients available, in addition to a variety of courses.


If we consider both quality and price in one place, Usmania is one of Quetta’s greatest restaurants. The seating arrangement and meal variety are also excellent. Usmania’s Platter is one of its outstanding features.

If you are visiting, Quetta and your family invite you to dinner. Then don’t be hesitant to ask them to accompany you to Usmani. If you’re travelling alone, the address is Pishin Stop Khojak Road, and you can also dine at Usmania’s buffet.

The restaurant is without a doubt the greatest in town, especially the mutton ribs, which are to die for. The restaurant offers a diverse menu of fresh foods, as well as excellent service and taste.

The hotel is suitable for business meetings, social events with friends and family, and romantic couples.


In Quetta, the Saigon Cafe & Restaurant has become well known. Customers like the high quality and diversity of the meals.

They have a wide range of cuisine options, including platters, various steaks, sandwiches, burgers, pasta, seafood, Chinese appetizers, and desserts. Shahbaz Town Quetta is the location of the Saigon café and restaurant.

In Quetta, they have established a good restaurant. Their service is also very friendly, and they serve a wide variety of meals, largely western.


Here you’ll find a wide range of delicacies such as grilled meats, batair, tikka, chiray/sparrow, rice dishes, curry, and, of course, desserts.

We went here with the directors of Pakistan’s trade development authorities, and the menu features a mix of continental, local, and dessert dishes.

Curries, kebabs, barbecue foods, and naans chicken dishes are the major entrees on the desi menu. The positive is how the waiters handled it after the complaint reached their overworked ears: anxious to resolve the situation, the waiter supplied us with a light shade similar to a napkin.

The round went to the home for good service, despite the lack of elegance. This restaurant is located in Gujranwala.


Al Fajar is a new restaurant on Quetta’s airport road. Customers will find the establishment to be well-mannered and clean.

With cuisine, they offer a wide range of options such as soup, bacon, Kabuli dishes, American dishes, Indian dishes, Chinese dishes, platters, Sajji, Karahi, Roll, Shawarma, and fast food. The seating area is spacious, so you can easily bring your entire family with you.

Wrapping Up:

Pakistan’s varied cuisine culture tells the story of the country’s colorful history. Over time, the country has evolved into a melting pot of rich traditional cuisines and bold flavors, allowing visitors to trace each ingredient’s regional roots. Some of Pakistan’s top restaurants are testaments to how the country has evolved into a rich and diversified cuisine paradise for visitors and locals alike.

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