Thursday, December 7, 2023

The 56-year-old Man Cut Up His Female Companion And Cooked the Organs in a Pressure Cooker

After killing his partner with a chainsaw, a 56-year-old man in Mumbai cooked his body parts in a pressure cooker.

The horrifying incident occurred in an apartment on Meera Road in Mumbai, after which an elderly man was arrested on murder charges.

The accused was identified as Manoj Sahani, and the victim was identified as Saraswati Wadia, according to the police.

The police say that the neighbors informed the police about the stench rising from the flat, after which the police conducted a raid and recovered the body parts from the flat.

According to the police, the accused cut the woman’s body into pieces with a tree cutting saw, later cooked them in a pressure cooker and stuffed them in plastic bags for disposal, but the police arrived on time and took the remains of the body into custody.

According to the police, Manoj had an argument with his female companion after which he hacked her to death.

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