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8 Best Picnic Points in Islamabad 2022

In this article we are going to sightsee the best picnic points in Islamabad and about their beauty. Read this article till the end and you will get more information about picnic points of Islamabad and your level of knowledge increase. In this article, we will discuss the 8 best picnic points in Islamabad in the year 2021.

As we know that Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan because of capital of Pakistan, we assess that this city is best due to which it became capital. As Islamabad is called a “city of peace” it is clear that where there is peace beauty is also present there, and in Islamabad life is so beautiful and amazing because of the capital this city is full of good views and sights with natural beauty. If you are searching for a city that has huge spots to visit, then Islamabad is the best option for exploring natural beauty. Besides the picnic points, Islamabad is also enriched with the best universities, schools, restaurants, and hospitals.

Best picnic points in Pakistan;

There are many picnic points in Islamabad, but the top best 8 tourist spots in Islamabad and also tourist spots near Islamabad are as follow;

  1. Faisal Masjid
  2. Lakeview Park
  3. Pakistan Monument
  4. Ayub National Park
  5. Marghzar Zoo
  6. Rose and Jasmine Park
  7. Daman-e-Koh Park
  8. Saidpur village

Faisal Masjid:

Faisal Masjid is the biggest masjid in the Asian Masjids. This masjid was established with the help of the Saudi Arabia government. This masjid was a gift from the King of Saudi Arabia. It covers a large area of Islamabad. It is near to daman e Koh. Many foreigners came there to visit this beautiful place. Islamic places give peace to your mind and many scholars and students came there for an educational picnic.


Lakeview Park:

As its name shows that this park is near to the lake of Rawal dam. This park has very amazing scenery for the tourist. Islamabad gave its greenery to different parks and the lake view park is one of them. Islamabad tourist attraction is also due to these beautiful scenes and view of nature which are present in Lakeview Park. Many tourists come to this park for a picnic and its environment is so peaceful. Many families come there for. Refreshment in Lakeview there are much food stales which are very important for food lovers.


Pakistan Monument:

The Pakistan Monument is a national memorial and legacy museum located in the west of Shakarparian hills near Islamabad, Pakistan. This monument was constructed to represent the unity and faith of Pakistan and its population. Its elevation makes the monument from across Islamabad and areas near Islamabad. On these monuments, the history of many legendries of Pakistan is written. It covers a total area of about 2.8 hectares. Its shape is constructed of blooming flower petals. The four main petals represent the 4 provinces of Pakistan and, with their history, which give attraction to tourists, and this spot is very beautiful for a picnic. Many families came there for the picnic. This is the best place for students knowing history about the history of the monument.

Marghozar Zoo/ Islamabad Zoo:

Marghozar zoo is also called Islamabad zoo. It is a wildlife reservation like deer, lions, monkeys, turtles, and. Bears also many birdcages and interesting birds. This zoo has a beautiful view of the tourist’s eye. This zoo has a mini garden and its view is very pleasant for the tourists. This zoo is also a tourist place near Islamabad. This park is located near Pir Sohava road E-7 Islamabad. This zoo is one of the best picnic places for kids because of the many swings and seesaws. In 2021, this zoo is under construction.


Ayub National Park:

Ayub national park is one of the best visiting spots in Islamabad. This park is the largest in Asia continent, it is one of the best Islamabad tourist attraction places, many tourists come there for a picnic. There are beautiful plants and greenery. In this park there are many rides for kids and also for adults its refrain is like jungle world which attracts the visitors. Ayub Park is a tourist place near Islamabad. This park is 313 acres in. area, there are many activities done in this park-like boating in the lake and camel ride.

Rose and jasmine Park:

Rose and jasmine park is also the best visiting point in Islamabad. There are a variety of flowering plants and shrubs, as its name shows that this park is constructed on the base of flowering. In this park, there is a very pleasant aroma of flowers for visitors, which attracts the visitors of Pakistan as well as foreigners. Its area is about 400 canals. There are about 300+ varieties of roses and many varieties of jasmine flowers. There are walking and cycling tracks in this park. The sitting area is so beautiful. This park is near to the monument and lokevirsa. Whenever you come to the monument, you must come there and feel nature’s beauty.


Daman e Koh:

Daman E Koh is a beautiful park on the peak hill of margalla and named after its incomparable position. The park offers a panoramic view of the national capital united with the attractive Faisal masjid in the distance. This park is a perfect picnic point for tourists because of the ornamented wildflower pastures and is a real treat for the eyes. This park is famous for a day out with family. You must come there making your day special with this beautiful scenery.


Saidpur Village :

This is the best Islamabad tourist attraction place. On the Margalla hills, a village is situated called Saidpur Village. This is a Mughal Era village. This village has routes of various civilizations, including Ashoka, Mughal, Buddhist, Greek, and Gandhara. Nowadays, this village is very well conserved and is the famous amusing point for the foreigner and as well as for local visitors. This village is a very beautiful place for photo shoots. Many explorers come there to visit. Its view is amazing during rainy weather. Many peoples came for the photoshoot to capture the beautiful view..



After writing this article, I concluded over the capital is enriched with beauty and catchy scenes and in Islamabad, there are the 8 best picnic points for the tourists which are discussed above for refreshing your mind to come to Islamabad and capture its beauty. These all above mention places are recorded as the best picnic points in Islamabad 2021.

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