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The Annapurna Expedition – An Ode to the Bravery of Pakistani Mountaineers

Manaky takes pride in being the vanguard of encouraging and supporting those who aspire to achieve great things which unveils the true talent that Pakistan possesses. Manaky’s recent sponsorship of the first ever All Pakistani Expedition to the Annapurna mountain range is a testament to our commitment towards our community and its care. 

Being very aware of these seemingly impossible challenges, a team of 4 Pakistanis comprising Sirbaz Khan, Abdul Joshi, Saad Munawar and Kamran Ali, has shown valor by embarking on the first ever All Pakistani Expedition to summit the Annapurna mountain range. Through this expedition, they strive to represent the mountaineering community of Pakistan who are heroes in their own right. They’re also leading by example to emphasise that commitment, appreciation and support enables people to achieve the unthinkable. 

The lead mountaineer of the expedition, Sirbaz Khan, set out on this mission to honour the legacy of the late Muhammad Ali Sadpara. He has done so by continuing Ali’s journey of the “Mission 14 Summit”, and now on successful completion of the Annapurna Expedition, has put Pakistan on the global map as one of the few countries to have attempted to ascend the top 14 highest mountain ranges of the world, Annapurna being the most brutal one of them all. 

The group left Pakistan for Nepal on the 18th of March and were received with a very warm welcome from the locals at Kathmandu. They reached the basecamp of Annapurna on the 23rd of March, where they raised the flag of Pakistan to honour Pakistan Day. This was followed by preparations to begin the climb, which would prove to be a long and gruelling task, but one that was met with determination and bravery by the mountaineers. 

After intense challenges and hurdles, they successfully completed their reach to Camp 1 and Camp 2. The third and last rotation to Camp 3 has also just been completed with a confirmed update from Saad Munawar, mountaineer and this mission’s expedition manager! The summit of the mighty Annapurna Range has now been achieved by #TeamPakistan, this makes their countrymen very proud and Manaky is delighted to have played a part in enabling this incredible journey.

Syed Ali Abbas
Syed Ali Abbas
General Manager at Startup Pakistan

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