Tuesday, October 3, 2023

The Black Diamond is a Rare Apple with a Blackhue. It Taste Sweeter than Honey and are Only Found in Tibet

Apples are a common fruit that grow in orchards all around the world. Usually, we see them in red, green, or yellow colors. However, there’s a special kind called “Black Diamond,” which is quite rare. These apples are a type of Hua Niu apples, also known as Chinese Red Delicious. They get their unique dark purple color from growing in the mountains of Tibet, specifically in a place called Nyingchi.

To make these apples special, a Chinese company set up an orchard at a very high place, about 3,100 meters above sea level. The weather there has big differences between daytime and nighttime temperatures, and the sunlight and ultraviolet light are quite intense. All these factors together contribute to the apples’ dark purple skin.

Black Diamond apples are not commonly found everywhere; they are only sold in select fancy supermarkets in Chinese cities. Because they are not easy to grow and transport, and not many of them are produced, they are considered premium fruits and are sold at higher prices. Even though people are curious about these unique apples, there is not much information available about them online.

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