Sunday, April 14, 2024

The Brand Consultants Steps Up to Provide New Opportunities to Former Daraz Employees

Recently, Alibaba owned E-commerce platform Daraz Group laid off 11% of its global workforce to adapt to the current market reality. While Daraz has not commented on the percentage or absolute number of employees impacted across its operations in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar, a memo to staff stated, “Reluctantly, we will bid farewell to many valued members of the Daraz family.”

The Brand Consultants expresses concern for the emotional toll on the laid-off employees and has extended its arm to recruit former Daraz team members for itself and its clients, both in Pakistan and abroad. It is disheartening for these potential employees, and TBC believes it can provide them with a new opportunity to continue their growth and development.

TBC is a renowned business consultancy services company that has been operating in Pakistan since 2008. TBC provides high-value consultancy services across all major business functions to its clients worldwide. The company’s core values include diversification in its workforce and product line, treating clients as strategic partnerships, innovation as the key, and giving back to the community. The company is eager to consider these potential high-end graduates and experienced individuals for placement either at their own office or with their clientele.

Previously, during the COVID-19 pandemic, TBC did its best to avoid laying off any employees and stands proudly with its ideology of creating a difference in a manner that cannot be replicated.

TBC has a diverse client base ranging from top E-retailers to ed-tech start-ups, electronic companies, conventional businesses, venture capital start-ups, and more. By extending its arm to former Daraz team members, the company is creating a difference in a manner that cannot be imitated. With its diverse workforce and esteemed clientele, TBC values its employees and treats its clients as strategic partnerships.

For those interested in learning more about TBC, they can visit the company’s social media handles, which are as follows: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.

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