Tuesday, June 18, 2024

The Falcon Hospital in Abu Dhabi Examines & Treats More Than 11,000 Falcons a Year

The first public facility in the United Arab Emirates to offer full veterinary health services just for falcons is the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital (ADFH). With more than 110,000 patients treated there since it opened on October 3, 1999, Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital was founded by the Abu Dhabi Environment Agency and is now the largest falcon hospital in the United Arab Emirates and the globe.

Yearly, around 11,000 falcons are received for examination and treatment. Since its inception, the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital has emerged as one of the most reputed falcon hospitals in the Gulf region, the largest falcon hospital in the world, and the leading centre for falcon medicine world-wide.

Over the years, the ADFH has established a loyal and wide patient base not just in the UAE but also in countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain. Since its establishment as a purely veterinary facility, the ADFH has expanded into the fields of education, awareness, training, and research.

Due to the huge demand for providing our experience to other avian species, we opened the falcon hospital in 2006, which became a fully-fledged avian specialty hospital for all kinds of birds and poultry species.

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