Tuesday, March 5, 2024

The first USB-C iPhone in the world was sold for $86,000

Ken Pillonel, a robotics engineering student, posted a video in October detailing how he built the first iPhone with a USB-C connector. Pillonel sold the customised iPhone X on eBay for over $86,000 a month later.

The auction began at $1, but as the ten-day event went, the amount swiftly grew from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Someone put an offer of roughly $100,000 on the penultimate day of bidding before retracting it.

Just minutes before the auction finished, the winning price was $86,001, topping the previous highest bidder by a dollar.

Although the modified iPhone can charge and transfer data via USB-C when connected, Pillonel advised anyone who won the bid not to use the world’s first USB-C iPhone as their regular phone. Pillonel also advised the customer not to upgrade the phone or open it up and disassemble it in order to avoid breaking it.

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