Monday, April 15, 2024

The Government Is Urged To Increase Duty by 30 percent On Tobacco

Team lead of Human development foundation Syed Anis Bilal said that with an increase in the exchange rate against the dollar, prices of all essential goods increased. Still, the prices of tobacco products have remained the same. He added civil society is concerned why there are no heavy taxes on a product that ruin lives.

Over 22 million Pakistani adults, 19 per cent of the total population, use tobacco products. Around 32.4% of Pakistani men and 5.7% of women use tobacco products.

Tobacco control activists pressured the government to increase FED on tobacco products and at least 30 percent increase in FED should be levied on each slab of cigarette so that the consumption could be reduced and the tax revenue generation could be increased. There are two slabs for taxing cigarettes, one which retails for less than RS 90 is to be taxed of RS 33, and the second is for cigarettes retailing for RS 90 or more should be taxed RS 90 or above.

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