Friday, April 19, 2024

The Kamyab Pakistan programme will serve as a model for developing countries: Prime Minister Imran Khan

On Monday, the prime minister announced the program’s beginning during the ICEE 2021 virtual conference, an event aimed at sharing information about current construction reforms.

The Prime Minister claims that the Kamyab Pakistan programme will assist those living in poverty to better their standard of living. According to him, the programme will provide simple access to education, healthcare, and housing to 40% of the country’s people living in poverty.

“One member of each family will be given access to technical education and IT training that is quick to impart and easily opens up earning opportunities,” the Prime Minister remarked. “Every household will receive a health card,” says the president.

He revealed that one member of each household will be offered interest-free loans to start a business and become financially self-sufficient. He also stated that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government has worked hard to guarantee that banks are comfortable granting out home loans throughout its tenure.

In response to a question about exports, the Prime Minister remarked that his government had reduced barriers in order to develop an export culture in Pakistan.

“Pakistan’s current account deficit can only be reduced through exports. The administration is doing everything it can to encourage exports “he stated

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