Friday, June 14, 2024

The Wait is Over: MTronic Launches on February 10th

On 10th February, MRS is launching MTronic – a complete solution to transform your life!

MRS Electronic is a global leader in the electronics and automotive industry and has been powering the products of big names around the world for 20+ years. Present in 9 countries and 3 continents, MRS has a comprehensive product portfolio. Besides developing vehicle electronics, it also provides quality technology services and efficient energy solutions.

In 2020, MRS entered the Pakistani tech sector following its international expansion roadmap. Committed to contributing positively to Pakistani economy, MRS is now geared towards bringing its latest product offering to Pakistani consumer market. But what exactly is MTronic? Well, no one actually knows the complete answer to that yet as the company has been very secretive and will only reveal everything on the launch day. But here’s what we have been able to find out: MTronic is a cutting-edge solution powered by advanced German engineering that will make your life around your home simply effortless.

MTronic is a one-of-its-kind brand in Pakistan, as no such company or solution exists in the country yet. As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), it manufactures its products in-house. All the products will come with a 1-year replacement warranty, so if something goes wrong, they will replace it immediately without any questions asked. MTronic’s team also offers on-site maintenance and life-time support.

Right now, some exciting teaser campaigns are running on MTronic’s social media accounts. There’s also a quiz series going on their socials, which is offering 20% discount vouchers for their new products. All you have to do is guess the answer to their question, and you will have a chance to win discount coupons. So, go follow their social accounts now!

Instagram: @mtronicpk,

Facebook: MTronic Pakistan,

YouTube: @mtronic-pk,

LinkedIn: MTronic Pakistan


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