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Women make up 48.8 per cent of Pakistan’s population, that means a force of over 108 million! Despite the lack of support and an enabling environment, our women have surpassed all odds to contribute to their country. You see them leading companies, creating life changing products, and representing Pakistan on international platforms. Imagine if these 108 million get the right direction and an adequate support system, women can literally drive the economy, the society, the future of Pakistan!

Women need to be instilled with self-belief to explore themselves, to nurture their esteems, develop their skill-set and work towards building their dreams. Entrepreneurship is one of the best ways to do so. Humayun Mazhar, President TiE Lahore, says,

“For Pakistan to become one of the strongest economies and nations of the world, it is imperative that this significant half of our population are equipped, enabled and empowered to become effective economic contributors. This is where initiatives like Parwan-e-Nisa play a very significant role that not just encourage but enable and empower women to ‘dream big, soar high!’”

A program to encourage women towards entrepreneurship, Parwan-e-Nisa is a year-long project of TiE Lahore funded by the U.S. State Department in partnership with TiE Global and Sustainabl Advisory LLP. TiE is a global non-profit organization that boasts 10,000 Charter Members and 60 Global Chapters. In 2002, Syed Babar Ali (Founder, LUMS) brought the global mandate to Punjab and established the TiE Lahore Chapter. Since then the chapter has enjoyed a history of enabling the youth and women of Pakistan in their entrepreneurial endeavors, and hopes to continue the legacy with Parwan-e-Nisa. The programme focuses on empowering Pakistani women towards a life of financial independence, sustainability and impact.

Realising the socio-economic roadblocks faced by our women, the programme aims at capacity building of emerging entrepreneurs by providing them with the right skills, mentorship, facilities, and co-working space to scale their businesses – all free of cost. Through this platform, women are enabled to network with investors, mentors and industry experts from across the globe. 

Pakistan needs women in every space, whether as innovators or in leadership positions,” says Sadaffe Abid (Founder, CIRCLE & Community Partner, Parwan-e-Nisa), adding that the involvement of women in various fields of life is critical because a country cannot progress if it doesn’t involve the talents of its entire population.

Parwan-e-Nisa will be inducting 150 women entrepreneurs living in Punjab falling in the age bracket of 20 to 35 years. After undergoing a rigorous shortlisting process, the selected entrepreneurs will be given multiple skill development trainings, mentorship and business incubation necessary for running their businesses. The top 25 women will get residence at a co-working space and the opportunity to pitch their startup in front of local and international investors.

Faisal Sherjan, Managing Partner Sustainabl Advisory LLP, mentioned that,

“I have always been a firm believer in the power of entrepreneurship to turn around the economics of our country. If given this opportunity to the real builders of our nation – women, imagine the impact we can create!”

The registrations for the programme are open at The last date to apply is 9th January, 2022. Learn more about the programme at

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