Thursday, July 25, 2024

The World First Ever Ear Cleaning Headphone Prized at Whooping 800,000

Headphones have advanced significantly from being only a tool for watching films or listening to music. As a result of technological advancements, headphones today offer a variety of features and functions to meet a variety of purposes. One such advancement is the Otoset company’s line of ear-cleaning headphones.

The Daily Mail said that Olive Union, a startup, has created headphones that can thoroughly clean your ears in just 35 seconds. Little silicone earbuds that fit within the ear canal are included with the headphones.

The ultrasonic vibrations from the earbuds are intended to disintegrate earwax and other debris, which is then removed by a suction system integrated into the headphones.

The entire procedure is stated to be gentle and painless, providing the user with a relaxing experience. No, music is not played while your earwax is being flushed out.

While the concept of ear-cleaning headphones may sound absurd, the technology is familiar. Several industries, including dentistry and jewellery production, have adopted ultrasonic cleaning. Yet, using this technology in headphones is a novel and cutting-edge strategy.

One advantage of these headphones is that they do away with the need to clean your ears with cotton swabs or other equipment, which can be risky and possibly harm the ear canal.

The current price for a “pair” of these headphones is RS 800,000. Unfortunately, the price tag is quite eye-watering. The headphones are also not advised for anyone who has a history of ear issues or who uses hearing aids.

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