Friday, September 29, 2023

The World’s Smallest Jail is in Ontario Canada. It is Just Over 24 Square Meters

In a cozy town called Tweed in Ontario, Canada, there’s a really tiny jail. It’s known as the smallest jail in the world. This small jail is found in a charming place in Hastings county. It’s only a bit bigger than 24 square meters, with a width of 4.8 meters and a depth of 6 meters.

It’s surprising that this little jail is even smaller than some small apartments in Toronto, which are about 300 square feet. Even though it doesn’t hold prisoners anymore, people can visit and take pictures inside to remember their time there.

This special jail was built in 1898 and opened in 1900. It had three small rooms and a place to meet in the beginning. It was made because the old jail got damaged by a flood. This jail usually had people who did small things wrong.

One interesting story is about Gideon Butts, who stayed there for a short time after doing something bad. The jail worked for about fifty years, and then it closed because the town didn’t have much crime anymore. Now it’s a place where tourists can get information during certain times of the year.

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