Sunday, May 28, 2023

There’s No Molvi Profession in Islam, You Should Learn Your Religion by Yourself: Scholar Dr. Israr Ahmed

Islam is a religion that emphasizes personal responsibility and the acquisition of knowledge. Dr. Israr Ahmed, a highly respected Islamic scholar, has shed light on the importance of taking ownership of one’s religious education in Islam.

Dr. Israr Ahmed argued that there is no official Molvi profession in Islam. He believed that blindly relying on religious leaders or scholars can hinder critical thinking and prevent Muslims from truly understanding their faith. Instead, he encouraged Muslims to take responsibility for their own religious education and actively engage with their faith.

Dr. Israr Ahmed emphasized the importance of independent learning and critical thinking in Islam. He advocated for Muslims to read and study the Quran, reflect on its teachings, and use critical thinking skills to interpret and apply its guidance in their lives. He believed that this approach allows individuals to develop a meaningful and informed understanding of their faith, rather than relying solely on the opinions of others.

In addition to independent learning and critical thinking, Dr. Israr Ahmed stressed the significance of reflection in deepening one’s understanding of Islam. He encouraged Muslims to reflect on their beliefs, actions, and the teachings of Islam to develop a holistic understanding of their faith. By engaging in self-study, critical thinking, and reflection, individuals can become empowered learners who actively participate in their own religious education and spiritual journey.

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