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thinkPVC aiming to transform PVC into Material of Future

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one of the most reliable and also the third-most widely produced synthetic polymer of plastic in the world. According to the sources, around 40 million tons of this material PVC is produced each year.

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Now, the most common question that arises to mind is how we can use PVC at home?PVC can be used in many ways, either for interior or exterior of the house. You can use PVC in making floors, cabinets, roofs, pipes, wall panels, windows, doors, and can also use the material for making your garden furniture.

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PVC is produced in two basic forms, one is rigid and the other one is a flexible form. The rigid form of the PVC is majorly used in the construction and fitting of pipes along with the profile applications including windows and doors, while cables, garden hose, flooring, wall panels, ducts and garden furniture are other applications.

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In Pakistan, thinkPVC is a brand that is solely selling PVC applications. You can now make your home according to your choice by various PVC applications.

The areas in which one can effectively use PVC material and its applications at home are as follows:


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The kitchen is one of the most attractive and significant areas of a house that should look good because most of the time while cooking is spent in the kitchen and a pleasing kitchen always gives a comfortable vibe to cook. PVC material has made life easy where you can use PVC foamboards, flooring, and roofing in order to make the modern and attractive cupboards, roof, floor, and counters of the particular cooking room that is the kitchen of the house.

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All-in-all, PVC Foamboard can be used to make the PVC cabinets, PVC kitchen, vanity, tables, and other furniture along with the luxury interiors. thinkPVC has high-quality PVC foamboard that can help the consumer to create the best furniture of home for them.

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The flooring of the kitchen can also be made while using PVC wooden sheets. However, you can also have a PVC glass window next to your kitchen to enhance the beauty of the kitchen.

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Nowadays, bathrooms are modernly designed. You can also have doors, PVC windows, PVC flooring, and can also use PVC Pipes and Fittings in order to make your bathroom look modern and luxurious.

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PVC floor tiles are trending in Pakistan that look smooth and makes the whole look of the floor really appealing. Moreover, the PVC pipes for plumbing, pipes for water supply, and PVC pipes for borewell and drainage can help you to make your bathroom drainage and seepage-free.

Living Room

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The living room is a place that is commonly known as the center of attention of any house. This particular area depicts the beauty of the house altogether. You can use different PVC wall panels in order to make a perfect, modern, and beautiful living room where the PVC roofing, PVC WPC doors can also be used.

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Pakistanis usually adores the beauty of the houses build in foreign developed countries. However, the ideas of making modern living rooms are also picked by seeing them. PVC products can help you to get your modern and luxury living room that will surely be build in foreign living room style.

Dining Room

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The dining room looks alluring with clean furniture. If you want sustainable furniture with fresh and clean look or overall interiorof your dining room then you can use PVC material in order to make cupboards, windows, wall panels, floor, etc. PVC decorative wall panels, along the PVC laminate flooring in combination make the dining room attractive to all including all guests.


The Garden depicts the beauty and freshness of the house. For this you can use the PVC garden furniture including round PVC table patio, PVC chairs to enjoy quality time while sitting in the garden, and PVC garden bench to sit and enjoy snacks and tea.

Various applications of PVC in a home can make your house a dream home. The modern and luxurious feel of each particular area in the house gives a perfectly complete look. If you want to make the infrastructure of the house secure with quality electric wiring then you can use PVC electric cables and PVC insulated electric cables.

All these PVC products are available in Pakistan; however, thinkPVC is a brand that has the best quality products made with PVC to make your home the best place for you to live.

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