Wednesday, October 4, 2023

This Irish Digital Creator Shared her Dream about the missing Submarine touring Titanic in 2013

When Irish digital creator Deborah Grattan posted about a peculiar dream on her Facebook profile back in 2013, little did she, or anyone, know how eerily prophetic it would turn out to be. The dream seemed more suited to a Hollywood thriller than reality, complete with an evil billionaire, a submarine voyage to the Titanic, and a disastrous outcome.

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In the dream, Grattan depicted a chilling narrative. A wealthy, albeit evil, billionaire had begun offering submarine trips to the Titanic wreckage. In a twist of ambitious recklessness, he attempted to pump water out of sections of the historic wreck. However, on its maiden journey, the ambitious venture spiraled into a disaster, akin to the ill-fated Titanic’s first and last voyage. Grattan’s comment that her dream could “probably make a good movie” now rings with uncanny resonance.

Fast forward a decade later, and reality eerily mirrors this dream. Reports flooded in about a lost submarine that had been on an expedition to the Titanic site. In an uncanny alignment with Grattan’s dream, the passengers were a group of modern-day billionaires. The voyage, much like in her dream, ended in tragedy, with the submarine going missing and sparking a worldwide search and rescue mission.

The sheer coincidence between Grattan’s dream and the unfolding events astounded the world, and the digital creator found herself in the international spotlight. The precise details, the adventurous billionaires, the Titanic exploration, and the disastrous outcome, all mirrored her dream with frightening accuracy.

This unusual case prompts us to revisit the 2013 Facebook post and the questions it now raises. How could a dream predict reality with such pinpoint precision? Does Grattan’s dream hold any additional clues about the submarine’s whereabouts or the reason for its disappearance?

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