Sunday, October 1, 2023

This is an Island in Alaska that Looks Like It’s Just Floating in the Air

A cool picture has come out, showing what looks like a flying saucer over the water in Alaska. But it’s not a UFO; it’s just an island that looks weird because of a special thing called the ‘Fata Morgana’ effect, which happens because of the air and weather.

The picture was taken from a boat in Glacier Bay, a big national park with amazing landscapes like mountains, fjords, glaciers, and rainforests.

The Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve shared the image on Facebook, explaining the ‘Fata Morgana’ effect that caused the strange sight. This happens when light goes through the air in a special way, making things, like the island, look different. With a bit of imagination, the island seems like a mysterious flying saucer or a legendary ship.

The park’s staff invited people to come and see this cool mirage when they visit the park. It’s a really neat sight where islands seem to change into strange things because of nature’s amazing tricks.

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