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This is Banu Shayba Family, The Caretaker of The Holy Kaa’ba Since The Time of Hazrat Muhammad SAW

The sons of Shaybah and their descendants continue to have the guardianship of the Kaaba. A tradition that the Prophet started after conquering Mecca in the eighth year following the Hijra. Then he gave Uthman Ibn Abi Talha the city’s key and said that the line of Shaybah’s sons had been given special and eternal responsibility for looking after the Kaaba.

The prophet said, “Take it, Oh Bani Talha, eternally up to the Day of Resurrection, and it will not be taken from you unless by an unjust, oppressive tyrant.” This in turn explains why the sons of Shaybah and their descendants have carried on this practice to the current day.

The caretaker’s duties are restricted to opening and closing the Kaaba, according to Hashemi at the time. If there are any state visitors, the Royal Court, the Ministry of the Interior, and the emergency services come together with him.

Every year on the fifteenth of Muharram, the Kaaba is cleaned. The Emirate of Mecca consults with the caretaker on the formal arrangements after the Royal Order has been issued. Due to the current construction work and the level of traffic at that time, they postponed cleaning the Kaaba on Shaaben one.

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