Monday, September 25, 2023

This is World’s Most Difficult Restaurant to Get a Table Has a 4-Year Waiting Time

The Bank Tavern, a restaurant situated in Bristol, United Kingdom has a staggering four-year-long waiting list for its popular Sunday Roast Menu. The data was revealed by the business payment service Dojo.

The restaurant is known for its history, surviving since the 1800s and standing still after witnessing a number of riots, two world wars, thatcher, and Bristol City Council Town planners. The eatery is known as a small pub with a big heart.

Their popular Sunday Roast consists of 30-days dry aged rare topside of beef slowly cooked pork belly, honey and rosemary roasted leg of lamb, lentil loaf, and vegetables. The Greek squid balls, maple siracha glazed pork belly with apple slaw, and masoor dahl pakoras, are served as starters.

The desserts include Raspberry yogurt panna cotta and gooseberry sponge, limoncello tart, strawberry, and white chocolate pavlova, and blueberries. The two courses meal is served for £21.95 while the three-course meal is charged for £26.95.

The popular Sunday Roasts was awarded the home of Bristol’s Best Sunday Lunch at the Observer Food Monthly Awards 2019 and Bristol Good Food Awards 2018.

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