Monday, May 27, 2024

This Martial Artist has set 62 Guinness World Records for Pakistan

Pakistani martial artist Muhammad Rashid Naseem has made the nation proud of his accomplishments once again. He has now set Pakistan’s 62nd Guinness World Record by shattering the most clay goals in one minute with a punch attack.

Muhammad Rashid has now set the Most Clay Sporting Goals Broken with Punch Strikes in one-minute record, among other titles and achievements. He was able to smash sixty-two clay goals and took another major win home.

As a martial artist, Muhammad Rashid is the pride of Pakistan as he has continuously made important achievements.

Among other names, Muhammad Rashid won the Guinness World Records for the categories of breaking the most head pencils in one minute (103), most hand-crushed walnuts in one minute (284), most Bo personnel hit in one minute (394).

The martial artist broke India’s world record last December by smashing 256 walnuts in a minute with an elbow.

But this is not where the serial record breaker needs to end. He is working towards 100 record titles and wants to aim for the best. He is already on his way to accomplishing his goal, and we hope he will succeed.

Kudos to Muhammad Rashid and many of our nation’s other jewels that make the nation proud every day!

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