Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Three Men Fall To Death From Airplane

Alarming footage purports to show three young guys falling mid-air from a plane leaving Kabul after allegedly losing grasp of the aircraft’s exterior.

Two unidentified objects can be seen falling from the body of a jet as it flies overhead in a video published by the Afghani news agency and seemingly recorded from the ground.

The video depicts a flight from Kabul airport in which two people are tossed off a plane into the homes of civilians.” According to the agency, the 11-second clip has received over one million views since its release. According to the magazine, the Afghan soldiers were clinging to the tyres of a C-17 military plane.

Three young males who were gripping themselves securely in the tyres of an aeroplane that fell on top of people’s houses locals near Kabul airport claimed this via Twitter on Monday. “One of the residents verified this and maintained that the people’s fall made a loud and horrifying noise.

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